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Health Insurance

FinAssist insurance broker is able to find the best life and health insurance programs from the range of programs available in Moscow. The FinAssist Independent Center for the Strategic Insurance Market Research regularly monitors the insurance market and studies the insurer offers, analysing all the pitfalls of insurance contracts. Our experts are able to find you the best insurance options in terms of price and quality.


Within the entire period of your insurance contract duration our experts will address all the issues you might have with your insurance company and protect your interests.

Life and health insurance programs:


  • voluntary health insurance for you and your children;
  • life insurance;
  • insurance against accidents and diseases;
  • travel insurance;
  • travel Insurance for Russia and CIS countries.

Property Insurance

FinAssist insurance broker offers you to become our VIP insurance client without any additional cost on your part. We will find you the best options from the range of all the property insurance programs, available on the market, as well as help implement the documents for the conclusion of an insurance contract and will protect your interests within the entire period of your contract duration. FinAssist specialists will advise you on any insurance questions, make all the necessary arrangements in case of loss event occurrence and settle any issues with the insurer.

The main objects of property insurance


  • partments;apartment interior;
  • household interior goods, and other property intended for personal use.

Your property can be insured against the following risks:


  • fire, lightning, gas explosion;natural disasters;
  • damage to property caused by water from water supply, sewerage, heating and fire protection systems;
  • wrongful acts of third parties;home-invasion robbery, etc.

Automobile insurance

FinAssist insurance broker selects the most suitable auto insurance program taking into account your individual circumstances and needs. Our services to individual clients are equal to VIP-services in the insurance companies, however without any additional fees. We are always on the client’s side and will help to settle all the issues with the insurer and provide legal support in case of loss event occurrence.

Main types of automobile insurance for individual clients:


  • OSAGO - compulsory third party liability car insurance to third parties;
  • comprehensive insurance (KASKO) - car insurance against damage or theft;
  • insurance for drivers and passengers against accidents;
  • DSAGO - additional third party liability car insurance.