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Корпоративным клиентам

Health Insurance

Special FinAssist “Corporate VHI Policy” program

Thanks to a special FinAssist “Corporate VHI Policy” program the companies will be able to save 15-20% on insuring their employees according to the program of voluntary health insurance.  In the framework of the “Corporate VHI Policy” FinAssist assumes the responsibilities of HR-departments of the participating companies and seeks the most beneficial insurance contract. In order to select a the best VHI contract the broker holds a tender between the insurance companies, undertakes the legal implementation and support of the contract, as well as protects its client's interests when dealing with the selected insurance company within the entire policy duration period. The FinAssist services within the “Corporate VHI Policy” program are free of charge.


Corporate VHI program advantages::


  • the possibility to attach employees to several medical treatment facilities of your choice;
  • no limit of the insurance amount for each insured employee;
  • the inclusion of the VHI expenses into the prime cost (6% from the wage fund - art. 255 of the RF Tax Code);
  • individually adjusted programs for different staff categories (selection of medical treatment facilities and the amount of medical care).

The best conditions for voluntary health insurance (VHI) in March 2010.

Property Insurance

FinAssist insurance broker offers the companies its services in selection of the best property risks insurance programs and insurance contract support on the side of the client company, including settling all the issues with the insurance company upon the occurrence of loss events.

Liability Insurance

FinAssist company will help to select the optimal insurance protection tailored to the individual characteristics and needs of each company on different types of liability insurance:

  • the insurance of public liability to third parties;
  • the insurance of public liability of companies operating hazardous industrial facilities, waterworks;
  • professional liability insurance of doctors and medical care workers, notaries, accountants, builders, realtors, lawyers, freight forwarders, etc.;
  • liability insurance for any failure to perform obligations under the state (municipal) contract.


The voluntary liability insurance is necessary for many companies and allows them to avoid financial problems and maintain their customers’ confidence.


Risks covered by the insurance


  • damage to life or health of individuals;
  • damage to property of private individuals or organizations;
  • damage caused to the environment;
  • expenditure on preliminary clarification of the alleged loss events circumstances;
  • costs of litigation.